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These are of course not Einstein's thoughts or words.
Claim: While a student, Albert Einstein humiliated an atheist professor by using the "Evil is the absence of God" argument on him.

Status: False

Although 2004 tellings of the legend name Albert Einstein as the faith-driven student, there is no reason to suppose the renowned physicist had anything to do with the fictive incident.
Claim: Einstein Proves That God Exists in a Confrontation with a Professor

Status: Fiction!

There is no evidence that this exchange ever took place. This eRumor has circulated without Einstein's name and someone added it to a version that started circulating in the summer of 2004. Also, it is not likely that young Einstein would have presented this argument.

Christian Urban Legends
Did "Einstein" prove that God exists?
The text appears in hundreds of Christian web sites on the Internet. It is doubtful whether the conversation ever took place. But one can be certain that if the story describes a real event, Albert Einstein was not the university student involved.
It seems that the story had been circulating for some time before the summer of 2004 when it was first attributed to Einstein. It is probable that Einstein's name was chosen simply in order to lend credibility to the argument.

=> appeal to inappropriate authority

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